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What Clients Say

What separated Jenny and Virginia from other attorneys I consulted with was their ability to listen. They considered everything I said and even incorporated some of my ideas in the case. Jenny and Virginia ensured I got the best possible outcome I could’ve hoped for. They will always be my first choice if I am ever met at a crossroads in my life again. I cannot thank them enough for their dedication and hard work.
— J.H.
Thank you for handling these cases with grace, professionalism and diligence. It is lawyers like you, for women like me, that offer a chance to piece their lives back together again. You made it possible for me and my children to have stronger and brighter outcomes. Possibilities are endless.
— Client
I am extremely appreciative of the way your team treated this situation. You were the only firm that treated this as the emergency I felt this was, based on perceived threats to my safety. You were the fourth firm I talked to today . . . you were the only agency that seemed to see the situation through the humanity of what I was actually experiencing. My sincerest thanks for the rare qualities of compassion and empathy.
— Client
I can also never thank you enough for the expert professional representation and personal guidance that you gave to my sister. She was feeling humiliated and bullied before you stepped up to the plate to guide her through a most emotionally trying time. The end result was the best she could have hoped for and I don’t believe she would have achieved it or been sufficiently educated about the process without your sensitive, guiding hand.
— M.P.
Thanks so much for your help with everything from the CPO trial to ... writing an amazing motion to dismiss. I feel so grateful to have worked with you. It’s been a challenging time, but having a lawyer as capable and as caring as you has made such a huge positive difference!
— E.H.